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Welcome to's Wiki

There are a lot of great sources for information on rope bondage; websites, on line tutorials, videos , books and so on. However they are scattered everywhere and finding them is often an overwhelming task. This is where comes into play. The goal of is to be a resource to help you find and share that information. A place where you can look up Shinju, find a list of links to sites that have tutorials, read what other users have to say about that particular tie, and join in the discussion if you want.

Many others have tried to maintain lists of sites, but this is not a job for only one person. By utilizing a wiki the knowledge can be updated and added to by the community. can reach its goal of being a resource for the community only if the community works on it together. Please feel free to help with content, and of course spread the word about Beknotty.

right now holds very little direct content, but as it grows, tutorials and other useful rope bondage information will become directly hosted.

- RiggerJay

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